Yoga sessions

Yoga is one of the richest, powerful, fun, graceful, and spiritual experience. It has many health benefits such as the strengthening of the muscles and bones, resolving digestive issues, increasing flexibility, decreasing stress and anxiety, improve quality of life, support heart health, support overall mental health, promotes sleep quality, and teach us how to breathe or improve breathing in general. 

There are just too many reasons to practice Yoga and yet, so many people find it intimidating because of what society has told them they have to be or look a certain way. If you're just getting started and would like someone to guide you, I'm your girl. We can meet in person or via Zoom so it doesn't really matter where you are. Let's have fun on the mat.



This is a private experience where it's only you and me experiencing Yoga. You get personalized insight on alignment, poses, and suggestion based on your needs.

Iyengar Class

Private groups

This is a flat rate and you can bring up to 8 people. This is a great deal for people who want to experience Yoga with friends and families while still having that personalized touch. It's you, your loved ones, and me.

Laughing Yoga

Online programs

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Meditation by the Sea

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